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West Chester, PA 19380

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While we specialize in dog grooming services, we are also skilled in providing certain services for cats. This is another way for us to help people in our community, especially those who own dogs and cats and are looking to take them to get groomed together.

When it comes to getting your cat pampered, there are many things we can do for them. First, we have a gentle washing system. We understand a cat's frustrations with water but we are skilled enough to be able to give them a cleaning treatment which they will enjoy. Afterwards, we are more than happy to provide them with soothing massages to give them the relaxing feeling they deserve.

And when it comes to their fur, we can give them a smooth and relaxing brush to keep their fur soft. This is something both of you will benefit from. We can also give them a belly shave if you wish.

For their claws and nails, we provide excellent services to give them soft claws that will not cause harm on you or on areas within your home. If you are desiring to remove your cat’s claws altogether, we do offer reputable declawing services to fix the issue. This is completely safe and effective and we guarantee satisfactory results.

In addition to the treatments we have to offer, we are also capable of providing you with expert grooming advice. We are very knowledgeable in this respect and want to see that our customers are able to properly ensure the health and safety of their cats on their own. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask any one of our employees.

We hope the next time you are considering getting cat grooming in West Chester, PA, you think about us.